Thank you for all your support! 

 You are a providing someone a 

 path OUT of homelessness and 

 back into housing. 

Please accept my most sincere and gracious THANK YOU for your generous contribution to PADS Lake County, Inc.  Your support makes an incredible difference in the lives of the people we serve.
Because of gifts like yours, PADS is able to provide support and resources to the ever growing number of individuals and families that experience homelessness. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that anyone who needs shelter can receive it. But just as importantly, we work with them all to find a path out of shelter and into housing of their own.
Last year, we continued our focus on helping people move out of shelter into either permanent housing or a transitional program. We continue to achieve this for more than 2,000 people we served overall. While the overall number continues to grow (a new record is set every year), our ability to help individuals and families find their best path out of homelessness also grows.
The entire PADS family and I are grateful that you have chosen us to be the steward of your gift as we strive to fulfill our mission. With your help, we can help the homeless find a way.
Meghan Powell-Filler
Executive Director


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Hosting your own fundraiser is a fun and easy way to raise money for PADS. Do you sell Avon, Tupperware, Candles, Jewelry, etc.? You can host a party and donate a percentage of your proceeds to PADS!


Do you own or work for a company that has giving initiatives? We have a number of companies that hold giving campaigns or events and donate the funds raised to PADS.


Are you a student or member of a club, organization, or place of worship? Garage or bake sales, car washes, dance-a-thons are all ways to raise money for PADS.


Let your imaginations run free, have a great time, and help those most in need at the same time!

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