May 2, 2020

While the COVID-19 outbreak means we are no longer able to come together in person, we are encouraging everyone to ‘SleepOut in Place’! Now, more than ever, our neighbors experiencing homelessness still need our support - please consider continuing your fundraising and hosting a digital fundraiser. Plus, you can still unlock awesome incentives (including tickets and season passes to Six Flags Great America)!


In-person event cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak,

but we're coming together by staying a part!

Thank you for your interest in SleepingOut! Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the May 2nd event at Six Flags Great America has been cancelled.  Our first priority remains the health and safety our community and we believe this decision is in the best interest of our community as we work to slow the spread of this outbreak. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience that this causes any of our amazing fundraisers. We were looking forward to a great event with each and every one of you!

We still encourage you to sign-up and host your own SleepOut in Place to support PADS! Whether you want to create a family event in your backyard, corporate team-builder on Zoom, digital Girl Scout campout, or more, this is a perfect opportunity to bridge the social distancing gap and bond with your community for a good cause!

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

be a digital fundraiser

Want to host a SleepOut in your backyard, run a digital fundraiser, or create your own unique experience instead of SleepingOut at Six Flags? You can still be a part of the event and raise awareness and support for our neighbors experiencing homelessness by creating your own event or digital fundraiser.

Whether you want to create a family event, corporate team-builder, Girl Scout campout, or more, this is a perfect opportunity to bond with your community and let your fundraising creativity shine!



MAY 2 
7:00 pm Digital Zoom Rally. Details coming soon!


Registration is free!


We highly encourage all individuals and teams to set an additional fundraising goal to encourage friends, family, and co-workers to support our neighbors experiencing homelessness!  In addition to supporting PADS' programs, you'll receive special prizes and incentives  (see Fundraising Prizes and FAQ). Together, we can spread awareness throughout our community!  

Social distancing

Whether you're making it a family, friend, co-worker, or community group event, please be sure to keep your engagement online and adhere to the shelter-in-place guidelines.







student edition

Identify a student team captain to decide what type of event you’d like to plan and form a recruitment strategy. You can join together with any group of friends, but most Student SleepOuts are planned by existing groups: high school classes, clubs, sports teams, youth groups, Boy and Girl Scout troops, social clubs, faith communities, college fraternities and sororities, college residence hall floors, and volunteer organizations.



The first step is to set up personal fundraising page. Then identify the most effective approach for each of your potential donors and go for it. Don’t limit yourself to only one way to reach out to your contacts. Some may be more responsive to a printed letter than an email request. If you want PADS marketing material, let us know in the "contact us" form.



Ask your friends and relatives to forward your online fundraising page link to their list of contacts. Write a brief paragraph about your participation in the SleepOut and why it is important to help the homeless.

workplace edition

Identify a team captain to decide what type of event you’d like to plan and form a recruitment strategy. You can join together with any of your co-workers, but many groups like to use SleepOut as an opportunity to team build with their departments or resource groups.



Not only will the dollars you raise go directly toward supporting the individuals and families in our community experiencing homelessness, but you can also win prizes based on how much you raise.


Individual Prizes


One-day General Admission Pass to Six Flags for 2020 season


PADS T-shirt

Featured on PADS

website and social media




PADS roll-up picnic

blanket - perfect for snacking during SleepingOut and


PADS drawstring bag

Featured on "Top Fundraisers Banner" at

Six Flags Sleepout Event (based on totals as of

April 13, 2020)




Get a Premium Dining Pass added to your Six Flags Season Pass - lunch, dinner and a snack every time you visit. PLUS a Six Flags Sports Bottle for unlimited beverages

Featured in PADS Print Summer Newsletter

'PADS Sleepout Hero' Certificate of Recognition 

2020 Six Flags Season Pass 

PADS Water Bottlle


Featured in PADS e-newsletter


Team Prizes

*Team sizes will be capped at 15 people



Featured on PADS website & social media


Custom selfie frame to use during your SleepOut event (based on totals as of April 10, 2020)

Featured in PADS e-newsletter

Featured on "Top Fundraisers Banner" at Six Flags Sleepout Event (based on totals as of April 13, 2020)


Celebrate your fundraising win at Six Flags! All team members will receive One-day General Admission Passes to Six Flags .

Featured in PADS Print

Summer Newsletter

Team  'PADS SleepOut Hero'

Certificate of Recognition


Any questions, comments or concerns about SleepOut 2020? Pease do not hesitate to contact us at



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