Emergency Shelter 

Looking for shelter? Please contact us at help@padslakecounty.org or  847-689-4357. 


While the COVID-19 virus has significantly impacted our normal operations, we continue to provide shelter and case management for our community. Please note that we are not planning on opening any of our rotating shelter sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Anyone wishing to seek shelter through our hotel stay program should contact help@padslakecounty.org or 847-689-4357 to schedule an intake assessment.  Walk-ins will not be permitted - access to these rooms is available to individuals assessed at 1800 Grand. Clients will participate in our normal intake procedure and are subject to PADS program standards. 

  • Clients in hotels will continue to be provided with remote Case Management services to help them find a stable, long-term housing solution. 

  • All clients will continue to receive a daily health screening. Clients in ill health will be referred to healthcare professionals and PADS will do everything we can to support anyone struggling with a health concerns.

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