• Stephen Love

The Two Seasons of PADS

“I cannot believe summer is over already!” Around this time of year that phrase is echoed throughout schools, businesses, playgrounds, golf courses and swimming pools all over Lake County. For many it means vacation season is over. For others it means school is back is session. While for others it means “outside time” is coming to end; bring on cabin fever. For us here at PADS that phrase carries with it the freight of many in need. Those within the PADS community will tell you that here at PADS there are really only two seasons: Summer (May-September) and Shelter (October-April). While the need of the homeless community is great during the summer months (i.e. heat, rain, hunger, protection from bugs etc.), it seems that no matter how great the summer need, the “shelter” season seems to always surpass. So, for instance, during the summer months the average number of clients per night is around 40. During the shelter season that number can well surpass 100 clients per night.

So when PADS hears, “I cannot believe the summer is over already”, what we are really hearing is, “it is time to gear up for the shelter season.” It is time to join hands with our partners, volunteers, donors and employees and together, for an entire season, ensure that the homeless of Lake County are not forgotten. To ensure that the homeless women, children, veterans and families of Lake County not only have a place, but have a path: a path to a self-sufficient future. So as the days get shorter, our compassion gets longer. As darkness comes earlier, the lights of our hearts stay bright with hope. As cabin fever sets in, so does our perseverance to help as many people as possible have a “cabin” of their own. During the last shelter season PADS, with your help, was able to help 205 families, 431 children, 365 women and 96 veterans. As we enter this new shelter season, please consider joining PADS once more as we, together, make many individuals’ future as beautiful as the leaves in Fall and as bright as the fresh snow in Winter.

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