Day Resource Center

PADS Outreach Program sends staff out into the community to find persons that are staying outside - camping in wooded areas, sleeping in cars, or other areas not meant for human habitation.  We attempt to bring services to them and engage them in the system.

Persons who experience homelessness are located in many different places.  PADS offers services at its Day Resource Center, but people need to be able to get to that location to access the services - if they even know it exists for them.

Imagine for a moment that you are homeless.  You don't know where to go, what to do, or who to ask for help.  It is overwhelming.  You may stay in your car, or camp somewhere.  You may stay in a hospital emergency room or some other 24-hour establishment.  Or imagine that you know what to do or where to go - but you have no means of getting to the Day Resource Center or elsewhere.

PADS Outreach Program goes out into the community and engages these people, providing them information about services, and how they can get out of homelessness and back into housing.  We literally meet the person where they physically are.

We need your help with this.  If you see someone who may be

homeless (sleeping in a public space, panhandling with a sign

claiming to be homeless, etc), we need you to call our hotline

and tell us about them.  We can then send our Outreach Staff

to that location and hopefully engage and ultimately help that


 Outreach Hotline 


Seeing someone ask for money is difficult.  You want to help, so maybe you give them a few bucks.  Maybe a few others do too.  The individual might even make enough money to stay in a hotel or get a warm meal.  But have they been helped?

People panhandle because it works for the moment.  It helps satisfy some basic needs.  But it doesn't help in the long-term.

It can be difficult to say no.  But that is the best answer to give.

Direct that individual to PADS.  Call our Outreach Hotline.  Get that person the assistance they really need so they do not have to continue panhandling.

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