Make a House a Home

Moving into housing is an exciting time that offers hope for individuals and families who have been living in shelters or on the streets. However, many of our clients are moving into their new homes with very few personal possessions. To help ease the transition into stable housing, we work with volunteers to provide the household items that are crucial for our clients to make a fresh start and make their new units feel more like home.


By forming a team to provide a Housewarming Kit, you and your family, business, or community group can help our neighbors experiencing homelessness create a home that will provide the stability and comfort necessary to creating a brighter future for themselves so that can be a part of our thriving community.

How it works.

Contact Us

Email us at'll provide an individualized checklist (participants needn't collect everything on the example checklist provided here!)


Coordinate Your Team

Whether you’re flying solo, making this a family project, or doing a team-building activity in your office, identify the group with whom you’ll work to collect the items for your Housewarming Kit.


Collect Kit Items

Communicate with your team members and start collecting items on your checklist. 


Arrange for Drop-off:

Contact us at to arrange a time for your kit drop-off.


Finishing Touches


Have your entire team sign a greeting card, create a “Welcome Home” sign, or compile a list of some of your best home maintenance advice for clients moving into their new homes.


Thank You


Once your basket is delivered to a client’s new home, we’ll send you a thank you note from the recipient.

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