A note from our Executive Director

Dear Friends of PADS -


We’re all going through a storm right now that is destabilizing our health and well-being—it will be worst for those whose well-being was already on a shaky foundation. PADS’ dedicated staff, volunteers, and supporters are working together to ensure the safety of our neighbors experiencing homelessness in the near term by providing all of our regular services and adding individual accommodations for clients, meals and delivery, more regular medical screenings, and more. In the long-term, we anticipate that our services will be an essential part of rebuilding the physical, financial, and social well-being that the pandemic is weakening. Our ability to weather this storm hinges on our ability to provide the support and resources necessary in an ever-changing environment and to plan and prepare for the rebuilding process that will follow.

While we’re currently facing a wide range of challenges and know that there are more to come in the future, we are also filled with gratitude and hope. Our community has responded to the pandemic not with fear, but with compassion and generosity. They have sought to find whatever ways they can to support our neighbors experiencing homelessness—and it is only through their support that we are able to continue to provide new services without cutting any of our regular programs.

If you are interested in helping, please consider making a gift to support our ongoing efforts or donating essential items (a list of which can be found below).

Thank you and be well!

Meghan Powell-Filler
Executive Director

Service Updates

Measures taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus have significantly impacted our normal operations. In order to continue to provide shelter to people experiencing a housing crisis during the outbreak, PADS has changed some of its basic operating procedures in order to account for the safety of the people we serve as well as our staff and volunteers. We are striving to maintain the same level of service as we have in the past. In order to do this, we have made the following adjustments:​ 


  • All rotating shelter sites and the Warren Township 24/7 emergency shelter have been discontinued and all clients have been moved into hotels.

  • In order to keep our clients, staff, volunteers & community as safe and healthy as possible, all clients have been moved out of the shelter system and into individual accommodations. PADS is providing hotel stays to all clients.

  • Access to these rooms is available to individuals/families who receive a health assessment at our Day Resource Center. Clients will participate in our normal intake procedure and are subject to PADS program standards.  We are prioritizing families and individuals who meet the high risk categories of 65 and older, and/or have a chronic health condition and are literally homeless. 

  •  Intake will take place between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Should someone require outreach in the community, please have them call our facility at 847-689-4357.All clients receive a health screening daily including a temperature check. Clients in ill health will be referred to healthcare professionals. PADS will do what it can to support these individuals. PADS can not accommodate police drop-offs with this new arrangement. Clients will have to be assessed during the intake hours noted above. 

  • All persons requiring assistance, volunteers, donors, and staff complete the health screening as well as temperature check before entering the building.

You Can Help



  • Hand sanitizer

  • Latex gloves

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Grocery store gift cards

  • Fast food gift cards

  • Individual, ready-made meals for clients staying in motels

  • Non-perishable, microwavable meals (Easy Mac, Barilla pasta, Hormel Completes, ramen bowls), bread, peanut butter/jelly, fruit cups (with pull tabs), chips/pretzels/snacks, bottled water

  • Reusable shopping bags and boxes

  • Individual meal containers (microwave-safe)

  • Travel-sized spray bottles (for hand sanitizer distribution)

  • Men's and women's sweatpants and sweatshirts

In-kind donations gratefully accepted at our Day Resource Center (1800 Grand Ave., Waukegan, IL 60085) Monday - Friday, 8AM - 4PM.

Fund Our Work

From finding individual accommodations for clients and increasing staff to meet the increased demand for services, to purchasing additional supplies and providing transportation for clients, the PADS team is ramping up our response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This has led to a growing number of unexpected expenses for PADS—and we anticipate that these expenses will continue to grow both as the shelter-in-place order continues and in the aftermath of the pandemic. Financial contributions to support our efforts make an immediate impact and are appreciated more than you could ever possibly know. Click here to make a donation or send your check to:

PADS Lake County
ATTN: Development
1800 Grand Ave.
Waukegan, IL 60085


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