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Helping the Homeless Find a Way is far more than just a tag line - it speaks to the very heart of our unwavering commitment to helping people achieve the best lives imaginable.



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PADS Lake County offers a comprehensive approach to combatting homelessness with the compassion and respect we all deserve.

Since 1972, PADS has faithfully provided immediate, critical services to the neediest among us – individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness in Lake County. PADS is the first point of contact and the ONLY emergency shelter for the homeless in Lake County.

When someone experiences homelessness, regardless of the reason for it, they can come to PADS.  Once there, they know that they will not only get the immediate shelter they need to stay safe and warm, but also get comprehensive resources to get out of homelessness and back into housing.


PADS’ vision is to provide a path to stable housing and self-sufficiency for everyone who experiences homelessness in Lake County. Our greatest hope is to help end homelessness and ensure happy, healthy, and safe lives for generations to come.

Helping the Homeless Find a Way

Who We Are

When people think of PADS, they tend to think of our emergency overnight shelters.  In many ways a typical homeless shelter, mats or pads are placed on the floor and people are given a safe, warm place to sleep in addition to a warm meal.  It meets the basic needs an individual or family may have.


But PADS as an organization is so much more than that.  While the provision of shelter is obviously vitally important, we believe that we must do more to help people identify the barriers that they are facing to getting out of homelessness, and work with them so that they can get back into housing.  We do this through case management, life skills training and counseling services.


So while we provide that shelter overnight where people are considered “guests,” we work to establish that “client” relationship and help them get what they need.


Check out the video below for some more information on PADS.

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