Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at PADS is an excellent way to get involved in your community and make a positive impact in the lives of others. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form on our home page. If you know exactly how you want to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer application. There are a number of ways you may give the gift of your time and compassion:

Volunteer at a PADS Shelter Site (October 1 – April 30, Annually):

*Depending on the site policies, some of these tasks may only be performed by individuals 18+. Each site provides its own orientation and training.

Click Here to see shelter locations, dates, times, and responsibilities.

Volunteer to Make, Bring, or Serve Meals 

PADS is always in need of volunteers to make, bring, or serve meals. Whether you are making bag lunches for our Day Center or bringing and serving a hot meal to our Family Center families, your generosity is truly appreciated.

Click Here for details on our needs.


Another volunteer project is running an in-kind donation drive, which is a way to collect needed items for PADS’ clients. As the organizer, you select the items you want to ask for from a list of things that we need.

You decide whom you want to approach – neighbors, house-of-worship members, your school, people in your community – and then provide collection bins.  You would advertise the drive (flyers, newspaper coverage, posters, newsletters, etc.), set an end date, and see that all the collection bins are picked up.  You might approach store owners or managers and ask them directly for a donation.  In that case, when you know the donor personally, you would want to send a thank you note to the donor, and be sure to mention them by name in any publicity.  PADS will send a tax letter to any donor, providing we have a complete address and description of the item.  Finally - you would see that the items are then delivered to PADS.  Be sure to email Stephen Love before you begin your drive to find out about our current urgent needs.  We are unable to store canned goods or clothing (with the exception of new underwear), so please don’t plan to collect either of those things.